The last 12 months have seen unprecedented challenges for our foodservice sector, as operators have had to battle against the impacts of lockdowns and social distancing restrictions for both customers and staff.

The flow-on effects have been many. With the dine-in experience virtually disappearing during lockdown, many businesses struggled and those that carried on by pivoting to takeaway and delivery were forced to reduce staff numbers due to social distancing requirements.

This has led to a shift in what’s on the menu – as the smart foodservice professionals have realised, in today’s uncertain environment you need to be adaptive to survive. Even with the easing of social distancing, staff shortages brought on by fewer numbers of casual workers has created a need to focus on food which can be quickly and easily prepared with minimal preparation and staff.

At the same time, the ongoing risk of lockdowns means it’s difficult to estimate your ingredient requirements, and many businesses are worried about wastage of fresh produce if bookings have to cancel at the last minute or they’re forced to closed their doors at short notice.

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For all these reasons, foodservice professionals are focusing now on food which can be prepared fast from ingredients which are ready-prepared and which can be stored for the longer term without fear of spoilage.

This is where suppliers like SPC Food Solutions can step in to make life easier. With our extensive product offering of fruits, vegetables and value-added products, SPC Food Solutions is dedicated to delivering quality, consistency and value and providing Australia’s foodservice market with better food for the future.

SPC has been sourcing quality fruit from Victoria’s Goulburn Valley since 1918, and today we combine that longstanding expertise with innovative food solutions to meet the demanding requirements of the ever-evolving foodservice market.

Our ingredients range such as two-fruits and fruit salad in sliced and diced formats make it easier to cut down on preparation time and labour costs and create attractive dishes that will keep customers coming back. We’re also introducing more contemporary packaging to meet foodservice needs for ease of use, reusability and ease of storage.

We also know that the past 12 months have refocused the market’s attention on Australian made and local produce – the fact is that most foodservice professionals prefer to use Australian produce, as long as the quality, pricing and packaging is right. SPC is the only remaining processor of Australian deciduous fruit and we’re proud of our ongoing commitment to supplying the local market with quality local produce in the format our customers need.

The focus for most foodservice businesses right now is about making efficient use of resources and delivering good food fast. And we’re here to help – in each issue of this Newsletter you’ll find helpful advice, like our tips on effective waste management, along with profiles and podcasts of leading-edge foodservice professionals who’ve stayed the course and forged successful businesses.

SPC Food Solutions is dedicated to working closely with the foodservice market – our goal is always to understand your needs, so we can develop innovative solutions which meet all your requirements.

For more information on the SPC foodservice product solutions range browse our website.